9 Buckwheat Dessert Recipes (Gluten-Free)

Buckwheat flour is a great healthy option for substituting the flour in desserts. These buckwheat sweet recipes are delicious and fun to make!

What Is Buckwheat Flour?

Buckwheat flour is finely ground buckwheat groats that can be used in baking. Buckwheat flour is often used in gluten-free baking as a part of a gluten-free blend but in this round-up, you will find a lot of desserts that use buckwheat flour on its own without extra additions. For more ideas, check out my gluten-free sourdough buckwheat bread!

1. Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Buckwheat chocolate chip cookies on a plate.

These delicious chocolate chip cookies have incredible texture and only contain one type of flour!

2. Buckwheat Rhubarb Crisp

Buckwheat rhubarb crisp on a plate with ice cream.

Soft baked rhubarb, crunchy oat topping, tartness, sweetness, and a hint of spice and salt. A great dessert for a weekend!

3. Buckwheat Brownie Cheesecake

Buckwheat Brownie Cheesecake

This recipe combines a cheesecake and a brownie in one dessert! It is made healthier by the buckwheat flour.

4. Buckwheat Blueberry Galette

Buckwheat blueberry galette.

These warm and delicious galettes are filled with Fall flavors. Cinnamon coupled with blueberries in a tender galette makes for a perfect family dessert on a cool evening!

5. Dairy-Free Buckwheat Cookies

Dairy-free buckwheat cookies.

These delicious cookies call for only 6 ingredients and are ready within 30 minutes!

6. Buckwheat Banana Bread

Buckwheat banana bread in a bread pan on a wooden surface.

The good old flavorful and delicious banana bread but made with buckwheat flour only instead of any gluten-free flour blend!

7. Buckwheat Cinnamon Rolls

Buckwheat cinnamon rolls in a cast iron pan on a table.

These cinnamon rolls are made with buckwheat flour and tapioca starch to make them fluffy and soft. They are gluten-free and egg-free. You can also make them vegan if you would like to!

8. Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes

Chocolate buckwheat pancakes with strawberries on a plate with a fork on the side.

These make for a scrumptious breakfast. A great recipe if you are making a special breakfast for someone important to you!

9. Buckwheat Breakfast Mug Cake

Buckwheat breakfast mug cake on a white surface.

This is an easy sweet cake made in a microwave! Buckwheat flour adds nutrition to the scrumptious dessert.

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