Hello, I’m Natasha!

So glad to see you here! My desire is to share wholesome recipes that are delicious, budget friendly, and easy to make at home with your family. The only way to make sure you will not miss out on any of the recipes or videos I make is by joining our blog with your email! You will receive weekly updates on the newest posts I release.

Welcome to Natasha’s Home! My husband, Krisztian and I currently live in Eastern Europe in Hungary. We recently welcomed a little baby girl into our family!

I am originally from Russia, but have been all over the world in the last 7 years. I think I visited around 13 countries in my journey as a Christian missionary (what an adventure that was!). My husband and I first met at a local Hungarian orphanage where we were spending time with the kids as a part of a missionary team, and little did I know that this town I was “just passing by” was going to be my future home!

After getting married I started learning more about cooking and homemaking, and it is no less of a journey than I had before! As I discover new recipes, kitchen hacks, tips and tricks that help me become a better home cook, I love to share them with you so that you can be inspired and learn a bunch yourself! I hope you join along for the journey!

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