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From World Traveler to a Home Cook

Welcome to Natasha’s Home! My husband, Krisztian and I currently live in Eastern Europe in Hungary. We recently welcomed a little baby girl into our family!

I was born in Ukraine, grew up in Russia, but have been all over the world in the last 7 years. I think I visited around 13 countries in my journey as a Christian missionary (what an adventure that was!). My husband and I first met at a local Hungarian orphanage where we were spending time with the kids as a part of a missionary team, and little did I know that this town I was “just passing by” was going to be my future home!

After getting married I started learning more about cooking and homemaking, and it is no less of a journey than I had before! As I discover new recipes, kitchen hacks, tips, and tricks that help me become a better home cook, I love to share them with you so that you can be inspired and learn a bunch yourself! I hope you join along for the journey!

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My Cooking Journey

My very first job was serving burgers at McDonald’s when I was 18 years old! Then, after moving abroad I got a chance to work at a Christian conference center in the dining area serving food and occasionally cooking for large groups of people. Later, I worked as a barista and a cook at a coffee shop where I learned a lot about keeping food, making cakes, and creating all kinds of coffee. Now I am a home cook and what I love the most about it is that I get to be creative and experiment in coming up with recipes I never tried before!

A Bit More About My Story

I grew up in a city full of apartment buildings, cars, and rainy clouds. It was normal to see people hurrying to their next thing and pushing each other on public transport to get out at the right stop without even looking at each other’s faces.

Sometimes when I sat in a fast food cafeteria sipping my early morning large caramel latte before work I would turn my eyes away from the surrounding tables. For a moment I would forget about the laughing teenagers, flirting couples, students typing away on their laptops to make it before their first class, and the cleaning lady who endlessly followed the traces of dirty steps all over the tiled floors.


kitchen window.

I would look out from a huge second-floor window onto the busy morning traffic and dream about how one day I would live somewhere far away in the countryside in a little house with my family surrounded by the quietness of nature. I imagined the charming smells of a homemade pie that would penetrate the air as soon as you step into the warm kitchen on a chilly Fall afternoon.

I heard the crackling of the fireplace in the living room and felt the warmth of a freshly brewed cup of loose-leaf tea right under my chin. I prayed that one day God would take me to a place just like that. I took a sip and reality reminded me that my cup is rather full of lukewarm sugary coffee and the time on my watch was urging me to get going to make it to the office on time. That was my life as a 19-year-old. Now I am 28!

In the nine years between then and now I have lived in 13 different countries. For two years I enjoyed a close-knit community of Bible students in a European countryside Bible college, for another two years, I lived by myself in an old 100-year-old building that served as a church at the time. Once I spent 4.5 months in California with a close friend and then a month in a small Hungarian town with a family of 17. I got to celebrate Christmas of 2019 with the church family in Northern Italy and watch the New Years’ fireworks in a crowded square full of loudly talking people weeks before Covid hit and the country closed down to anyone coming or going.

Now I am living in a small village in the Hungarian countryside with my husband and our tiny baby girl. Our little kitchen is often full of smells of freshly baked bread, peanut butter cookies, and cherry pies. We moved into our own house with a garden and fruit trees a little over a year ago. Now, after almost a decade of adventure, I am reminded of those early caramel latte mornings and those short prayers full of hope of having something that seemed so unreachable at the time. Sometimes God answers prayers years after they have been uttered!

Currently, I am passionate about learning all the secrets of homemaking, raising children, and making wholesome and tasty food for my family (along with blogging about it!). I am excited to have you join us for the ride and benefit from the recipes I share on my blog!

Natasha with the baby.

What You Will Find on this Blog

– Gluten-free recipes. I especially love gluten-free sourdough!

– Budget-friendly recipes because as a young family we find that budget-friendly is loan-friendly!

– Recipes you did not know you could make at home. Some things like homemade peanut butter (1 ingredient), no-machine ice cream (2 ingredients), condensed milk (2 ingredients), homemade mayo (ready in 2 minutes), and others that will save you both time and money!

Tried and true recipes that our family wholeheartedly approves of!

A few fun facts about me

– I used to do horseback riding in my teenage years and absolutely loved it, although I was terrified of cleaning the horses I rode on.

– During my high school years I used to compete in hip-hop dance city competitions and once even earned third place in my league. I still can’t stay still if I hear upbeat music!

– In my last year of high school I regularly attended acting training in the main city theater academy because I was determined to be an actress after school was over. I never got in but that learning experience was both super fun and extremely challenging!

– Once I ate a whole pinecone in a pinecone jam. I still don’t understand why someone would can pinecones but apparently, it is a thing!

– Once I lived at my workplace for two months because I did not have a home to go to. Thankfully, I worked at a children’s shelter so they had extra beds for me to stay in!

Want to Connect?

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Join our community! Receive tips and tricks to becoming a better home cook & never miss a new recipe!